Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring awakens South Derbyshire

 Wow was December really my last update? Not quite sure where the time has gone as it seemed like a busy winter with not much fishing but some good outing with Sam and the air rifles. Spring is now well and truly upon us and I'm just back from the dog walk round the village where we saw the ewes still lambing in one of the paddocks.
Back to fishing last week I managed my first session after tench and even managed to land a few!! The local club pond seems to have given us a surprise of it's own though as it is now full of rudd, I'm not quite sure where they have come from but guess that's nature. Anyway, bread flake is a favourite bait here for the tench but as you can imagine the rudd are all over it.

So some tench on bread and a swap to corn also brought a few more to the net as the rudd weren't quite as keen. It certainly expaliained the sail away bite a cast I was getting after the rudd moved in. Hopefully I'll get a few more sessions in now the evenings are drawing out. Tight lines all!!