Sunday, 12 February 2012

Eaton Dovedale

Last night we had been in Repton for a curry at Jaipur with an old rugby pal and his wife so this morning found me a little jaded. What better way to freshen up than a couple of hours standing in the River Dove. I had some maggots but wanted to fish on the fly rod with some nymphs if conditions allowed. I had done some trotting a couple of weeks back and found I was getting a few too many trout so was pleased to see the river running at a good height.
I thought I was in for a bumper day when after only ten minutes the grayling above attached itself to a pink shrimp pattern and really put up a great account of itself. What a shame I could not do it justice with the photo!

I really enjoy the short line method with bugs and have made up some good indicators using fluro orange braid with a loop fashioned at each end. Before fishing I had greased it well with Mucilin and it showed my one take quite nicely. I explored quite a few swims today keeping on the move but just ended with the one fish. This is a method which to be honest I should be practising more it is a great way to take fish right under the rod tip.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Barney's best pal is Prince, one of the biggest Weimaraners I've ever clapped eyes on. He lives just round the corner and there is nothing they like more than a good thrash round the fields.

Prince is pretty handy round the house and if the door is not locked he will let himself out for a wander round. More often than not he just comes straight round to ours to call for his friend. He just sits at our door until someone opens it or he is missed and retrieved.

This morning he came out with us on the morning walk and what a time they had. A joy to watch them giving each other some stick without a hint of malice.

After about 30 mins they were well and truly tired out and so it was back home for some breakfast and a sleep. What a dogs life!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A few more pics of the snow

These photos were taken this moring whilst taking Barney for his walk. The thaw appears to be coming pretty quick now fingers crossed it will be gone in the morning.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snow in Egginton

It was -7deg.C when I took Barney out this morning and a lovely crisp sunny morning. Then back home for tea and toast which was spot on. The day was spent painting the bathroom and the snow arrived about 1400ish.
An hour later it was out again with Barnold this time with his coat on.
This weather is great unless you have to travel or work and unfortunately my wife is doing both tonight.
Not much activity on the airfield this afternoon.

Back to painting another coat in the morning, quite glad I've not been kidding myself that fishing is on!