Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Eaton Dovedale

Summer is fading fast, and as I didn't leave work until late knew I would barely catch a couple of hours. So after throwing my tackle in the car it was off to Eaton Dovedale where I would just fish the top of the beat.

Some members have complained about the banks being overgrown here, it is not too much of a problem though. I was soon through it and into the river rewarded by a nice brownie third cast.

 Some nice grayling are also starting to appear. Hopefully they will provide good sport over the autumn and winter. It feels like the former is approaching rapidly now.

Friday, 16 August 2013

River Dove

A welcome return to the middle Dove for a session with the fly rod.
Good company.
French leader and small nymphs.
Kelly on the go.

A rising river that was starting to colour.
Managed to winkle out a few.

The grayling are now coming into condition and will hopefully feature over the autumn and winter.

I've not fished this stretch much over the last couple of years. 
That needs sorting.
Ellastone is a beautiful spot.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The improver

Sam is getting to grips now with his Lightning XL, the rifle has settled down from it's boingy start now we have had a good 500+ pellets through it. I also replaced the naff standard breech seal with a HW80 one which also improved the rifles consistency. I'd love to get it to bits and at least get some decent lube on the spring but am reluctant to whilst we still have a warranty. Yesterday we were at Rough Wedge and after an hour or so on the plinking range went for a dabble round the wood. The pesky blighter only went and pinched my HW97 and showed his dad a thing or two getting three out of four knockdowns in the first lane!!