Monday, 23 July 2012

The new boy

Our new arrival is now imminent and yesterday Freddy spent the day with us and soon pal'ed up with Barney (after some moderate telling off from the resident hound. So another cocker to make a brace, we also have three kids, three cats, and three rabbits. Any guesses where this will end??
Roll on Thursday!! I also treated myself to a new camera last week so this is the first post using the pics and I'm really impressed with it so far.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A new swim

I fished on Sunday afternoon on the River Dove, it was quite busy when I arrived so I tried to get a little out the way and tried a new swim. The river looked absolutely spot on with a tinge of colour and I was quite optimistic about catching a barbel.

4lb 9oz chub
 Alas though it was hard fishing and my only bite produced a nice chub. I packed up a little earlier than usual as it didn't feel like much was happening and on my walk back to the car discovered other anglers had faired similar.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dove floodwater barbel

Just back from an evening session on a rising River Dove. I'd thought the river was dropping after keeping my eye on the EA site all day and it was reading 0.96m at Marston as I left home 1830 ish. I couldn't decide whether to go to Tutbury or Scropton so ended up on autopilot in my fav swim. The river was really pushing through and probably put on the thick end of 6" whilst I fished. I needed 3oz to just hold bottom fishing over the crease but there was some clag coming down the river, I lost a few hooks. Unusually for me I tried the inside line but just ended getting more snags. Just as I thought a blank was on the cards so I'd finish my flask round went the rod. It was straight off the rest and probably only saved by the baitrunner. This fish really gave me the run around and after one final run that slammed the rod tip into the water it went into the net at first ask and was then well rested. It weighed 7lb 14oz and I'm wondering whether this swim is a one trick pony as the three fish I've weighed this season have gone 8lb 1oz, 8lb 1oz, and 7lb 14oz!! Dark was dropping now so I did nor cast in again and made my way back through the mud in the last of the light.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Egginton Floods

Etwall Road looking towards the bridge
 On Friday evening I nipped over to Willington for an hours spinning in the canal. I had a take from a pike to my Big Hammer plastic lure but unfortunately it did not stick.

A 4x4 makes a successful fording
 The roads were clear on my way out but on return Egginton Brook had ended up in the fields and then washing over the roads.

The 'bobbing' mini
 The village was shut off at both ends from about 2000 Friday until 0900 Saturday morning. Church Road still looks unpassable.

Church Road, now a river.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

River Dove

Managed to get in a session last night from 1900 to 2200 with the level 0.77m at Marston. First thing I put in about a pint of hemp from the dropper and then set up. First cast was wrong side of the crease and then had a fish on the recast. It was a strong fish that moved upstream and after a short fight with several runs the braid went just above the hook, doh!
Luckily the blank was saved about an hour later by the fish above, that put up a great account of itself business as usual for Dove barbel.