Friday, 25 November 2011

Sutton Brook

I've posted a couple of times about the DRAC stretch of this water but have not fished it for a good while now. Today I received the following comments to a very early post so I'll cut and paste here for all to see that some stretches of the brook are looking pretty healthy.
Love the website Nick, it looks spot on!! I'm still convinced it is a Mordex though.

Hi dave, browsing around and stumbled across your blog site? I feel duty bound to enlighten/update you and some of your fellow bloggers on your comments regarding Sutton brook .I have fished almost its entire length at some point or other over the past 50 years and been chairman of Blount flyfishers for the last 24. We now control the fishing rights on around 3 miles of the brook from just below Sutton village road bridge almost continuosly as far as Longford. The fishery is run solely as flyfishing for trout and grayling and has survived {not without crisis} for at least 35 years Fortunately for us our fishery creates the perfect habitat for trout and the food they eat and contains a heathy population of indiginous breeding stock,which is supplemented annualy with brown trout of takeable size ,anyone intrested in joining our small friendly syndicate should contact me without delay on 01159 328669 Nick Bulmer chairman Blout flyfishers or visit our germinating website at P S, Dave the reels a grice and young not a mordex.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Autumn in South Derbyshire

This afternoon I knocked off early from doing some jobs and took a walk over to the River Dove with Barney. It was a great afternoon and although I did not wet a line what a cracking time to be out.

The Dove looked in fine fettle carrying a little extra water. This is definitely my favourite time of year as the temperature drops there seems to be an unbelievable fresh smell to the air.

What a handsome lad!

The colours are incredible at this time of year with greens through yellow and golds to russet and brown.

The gravel pit above is just off the path down to the river and if you look closely there is one angler out enjoying the afternoon sun.