Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Quest for Barbel

The weather outside is awful so I've spent Sunday morning so far catching up on some surfing. This a site from a guy in Nottingham, Richard Easom, that has loads of info for the barbel angler. There is one mention of Forest but I suggest you skip over that. Up the Rams!!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sutton Brook

I was going to take a rod down this evening but it was so cold I just grabbed the camera. The water was quite mucky so glad I didn't bother. The tree above has come down over the winter, it is just near our lower access.

The run above has produced my biggest trout from the brook, I even needed to use my net!! Tough casting under those trees though.
The upper limit is shown below:

The photo above is again near our lower access and these trees have been removed also since my last trip.

That tree root looks like it should hold a lunker.

This section above has been kind to me but has lost a lot of tree cover over the last couple of winters. I seem to remember that we cleared one out on a working party.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

River Ecclesbourne

Thursday afternoon had been pencilled in to cast a line but the EA site suggested that the rain of the last few days had resulted in a cocoa coloured high River Dove. After exchanging a few texts with Phil we decided to give the Ecclesbourne a go concluding that this small river would have had the best chance of running off. If it was unfishable then a river walk in April coupled with some Kelly brews would not be the end of the world, also I could pick Phil's brains on this stretch which I have not fished too often.
When I arrived at the pull in the kettle was smoking away merrily so we started off with a brew and a discussion on tactics. The river was carrying a tad of colour but looked worth putting a nymph through the pools and riffles. The river looked in grand form and was just getting to a normal level after the winter where evidence from the debris suggested it had been very high at times. I was quite interested in exploring the top of the beat which I had not fished at all so after tackling up we headed upstream. There was no sign of rising fish and we leapfrogged the pools trying to search out an early season brownie. A pair of goosanders were soon startled and the fishery may benefit from them being a little more than startled.
I swapped my nymph several times but could not get an offer before we arrived at the upper boundary. Phil had fared similar but did bump one off as we set off back down again. The water still felt pretty cold and it is easy to forget that we have had some snow melt in Derbyshire over the last few weeks. We then had quite a heavy hail storm which I think put paid to any chance we had of a trout. So it was a slow wander back downstream and we decided to call it a day. Nevertheless a great afternoon out and I also expanded my knowledge of this trout stream. All I can say is that it is a good job that there is more to fishing than catching fish!

So an afternoon well spent and upon my return home I found the IT lesson still in full swing. I did well to miss that one!