Thursday, 21 July 2016

A month on the rivers

There is nothing like the anticipation of the rivers opening for coarse fishing, don't  know what it is but the 16th always remains far more special than the opening of the trout season for me. I even managed to fish the evening of opening day having an unplanned escape from work early. So that was on the River Dove where I have had a few sessions over the last few weeks, my confidence was boosted on the first visit by a barbel.

 I've also had one session on the Trent that was the story of the one that got away. The Dove has been tough and most times I've fished up til 10pm ish to get home at a reasonable hour rahter than fish into the dark, that will come later in the season. This season I also have explored a new stretch a little further upstream than my usual haunts and even caught a barbel on my first visit. This with the one I had on opening night is my return so far, but I will keep trying as you never know and the new stretch certainly looks like it has potential.