Monday, 9 May 2016

Foremark in the spring

I've had a couple of trips to Foremark recently as it is a great place to fish once spring arrives. At first it was decidely parky up there where I had to fish hard off the bank to get a fish. Yesterday evening though I fished in ideal buzzer conditions and after a couple of moves found the fish in Bramble Bay where my size 8 olive buzzer seemed to be to the trouts liking. It's a difficult cast in the bay not helped by an onshore wind but that was where the fish were, also not helped by a couple of boats that insisted on anchoring up closest not 15 yards from the bank! You'd think with all that ressie to motor round on they'd find somewhere else but no, quite amusing for me to see his face as I winkled fish out from under their nose. When you stirke it right at Foremark you have to make the most of it and I went home well pleased, nothing quite like that tightening sensation when fishing virtually static. Percentage wise you'd probably see more takes on the bung but for me it is not a pleasant way to fish or even cast a line. The rainbow above has just gone down exceedingly well grilled with garlic and butter, nom nom. The rainbow below was a lovely site coming right after a hail shower!