Saturday, 2 October 2010

Czech Nymphs

Here are this weeks product from my vice which I would like to share. This method intrigues me and I fancy having a bash on our rivers through the autumn. Unfortunately time is at a premium at the weekends and the evenings are now gone so I hope to get some time out in the next few weeks but suspect it will be just a couple of hours. No bad thing really as I soon get cold.
These nymphs have been tied on Partridge authentic czech nymph size 12 hooks. I had forgotten that Partridge are in a world of their own when it comes to sizing hence they are a tad bigger than I envisaged but should do OK. The bodys are various mixtures over a lead wire underbody, covered with 1/8" clear scud back and ribbed with 4lb mono. Some of the dubbing (pink, olive) is Swaledale which is good stuff from Lathkill fly tying. Incidentally, the delivery from Lathkill is spot on. I ordered some stuff on Monday evening and it arrived in the post Wednesday morning.
I particularly like the hairs fur version this looks very buggy to me. I'll advise soon enough if the fish agree, now I just need to get some practice in with the method.


  1. Must be a great feeling to trick a wily river fish on the fruits of your own labour...good luck mate,will look forward to the results of your efforts.

  2. Gurn, it is one of the most satisfying things about flyfishing to as you say trick a wily river fish. My boxes are now almost exclusively my own work. As I'm typing this it is absolutely leathering down in Derby so it may be a while before there are any results. The weather is such a good excuse!

  3. These flies look good to me, best of luck when you do get to try them out. Raining cats and dogs here in Staffordshire too and the adjacent river is like mud.

  4. Keith, thanks, but what a washout today has been. Still I expect the rivers could do with a top up, they have consistently low all year.

  5. Hello, looks a lovely area for Brown Trout fishing. Would love to come up there this year and do some fishing but am unsure if i have to go through clubs, syndicates etc or wether i can fish for free, some advice would be much appreciated.