Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Common Bond

This week I was working in Bristol for a couple of days and have been fortunate enough to find a hotel that has a pond in the ground that is stocked with carp. Although a club have the fishing here it is free to guests and I enjoyed a few evenings here last year also. To be honest it is a bit overstocked and if it was a day ticket fishery it would be absolutely hammered but the fish remain free biting to a number of baits. However, as beggars can't be choosers it is just the ticket to unwind after work for the last hour or so.
On Tuesday evening I was the only angler there and fished my usual set up of avon rod, fixed spool reel, and a simple waggler. Bait was luncheon meat as I had some in the freezer but bread is equally effective. It was not long before a young chap who was also a guest walked round to see me and soon revealed his dilemma. He was stopping for the week but had no tackle with him. Soon I played a nice carp but the hook pulled and then I had to take a phone call from work. I handed him my rod and he fished on managing to winkle out one of the fish.
I suggested we take it in turns and he was over the moon with a chance to try for a fish. For me there was as much pleasure in sharing the rod and watching the other chap catch. It left me thinking what a wonderful sport we have in that two strangers could instantly strike up a rapport. The angling gods clearly thought so as well as I was lucky enough to land the delightful common below. We fished until the float could no longer be seen and despite it being a warm day the temperature soon started to drop.
My usual routine when working away is to frequent a curry house with some reading matter, this week I had How to Fish by Chris Yates. The wife has found it highly amusing that after all these years I am reading a book of that title but it is more about philosophy than technique. So later that evening I enjoyed a chicken vindaloo and a few chapters and it then occurred to me that the evenings session was what angling is all about. Not really about the fish but more about enjoying the outdoors and being close to nature. Fish as ever are the bonus.


  1. Nice post Dave, sums it all up really. I still have that book sitting on my shelf unread, maybe I will get around to it..I am currently reading Moby Dick, believe it or not...Tight Lines mate "Gurn"

  2. Great post Dave......about time we had a kelly at Elly