Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ellastone Heartbreaker

Ellastone has a reputation for being a real spirit breaker at times and can return the angler a broken man. Last night was one of those typical evenings with the fish not really on the fin. It looked really good from the bridge but I only managed three fish all evening, the last one was the best but it was taken in the dark. My successful flys were a grey duster variant the PP and the LTD sedge. I also tried various olive patterns and spinners during a sporadic rise but nothing really hit the spot, well not until I got a cold can from the fridge upon returning home.
With the benefit of hindsight the water was quite coloured which I would have expected to clear by now after last weeks rain.


  1. It happens Dave, some evenings nothing hatches, and the fish don't do anything.

    Always worth a small lure in the last of the light, it can save a complete blank

  2. When are you coming back with another of your excellent posts?

  3. Dear RR, unfortunately I've been sidetracked for a while by moving house! There is plenty to keep me busy here and until we've made our new house in Egginton into a home trips will be few and far between. I did manage an hour out this morning with my air rifle though!

  4. Egginton eh? You might like the Hilton Brook near you. I don't know who controls it but it was an important influence on my very first attempts at dry fly fishing.

    Regular Rod