Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sutton Brook

I was going to take a rod down this evening but it was so cold I just grabbed the camera. The water was quite mucky so glad I didn't bother. The tree above has come down over the winter, it is just near our lower access.

The run above has produced my biggest trout from the brook, I even needed to use my net!! Tough casting under those trees though.
The upper limit is shown below:

The photo above is again near our lower access and these trees have been removed also since my last trip.

That tree root looks like it should hold a lunker.

This section above has been kind to me but has lost a lot of tree cover over the last couple of winters. I seem to remember that we cleared one out on a working party.


  1. My father and I were down there a couple of weeks ago. They were taking down a tree near the lower access point whilst we were fishing. I guess it's the same one you were on about, although it's hard to tell - like you've mentioned, plenty of tree cover has been removed over the last few years. I've been following the discussion on the forum with much interest, and although I've fished Sutton Brook a few times over the last 10 years, I still can't place that weir which is discussed on the forum. Perhaps I've just misjudged where our lower boundary is!!
    I'll hopefully get back down there soon and find something worth blogging - I've been a bit short on inspiration lately!
    Cheers, Patrick

  2. In fact, I stand corrected, that top tree looks like it's blown down rather than taken down.