Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sutton Brook

After a walk round Calke at lunchtime with dog 1 and dog 2 (still being carried) we stopped at the Chequers for a well deserved pint. Here I discovered that there were no major duties planned for this afternoon. As the barbel fishing is becoming a tad hard and reasoning that they were least likely to oblige mid afternoon I headed over to Sutton Brook with my fly rod. This is a 'funny' stream as rising fish are usually few and far between as was the case today. So on went a Klink type pattern for my normal prospecting type approach to see what will come up. After fishing through one run that had produced on my last visit I managed to tempt the fella above, he rose confidently and took the fly and was soon brought to the net. I was back to the car in time to listen to the end of the Ram's game, another lead blown but it is, as they say, still early days!
I enjoyed being out on the river with the fly rod and will perhaps go for a few more sessions now and give the heavy gear a rest until the autumn.

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  1. Cloughy still not plugged that defense, shocking after 3 seasons.Par for course I'm afraid Dave baaaaaaaaaaaah!