Sunday, 11 November 2012

Scropton Grayling

All through the summer I had been wondering what else other than the elusive barbel occupied the lower River Dove. Many a time there has been a terrific evening rise where I'd often regretted not having my fly rod with me.
Now autumn is turning to winter I decided it was time to do some prospecting with the float rod to see what I could turn up from there stetches that are well known for their chub and barbel. I matched up my 14' Daiwa float rod with my old faithfull ABU 501 and set forth armed with a selection of Avon floats and some red maggots. A good walk took me to a swim that I think is rarely fished and I fell straight on to a feeding shoal of fish. They gave me good sport for 30 minutes or so and the swim then just died.

In two hours I fished three stretches with varying results; none matched the rapid of the action of the first and the second yielded not a bite. It just goes to show the importance of keeping mobile and if you are not catching within 15 minutes or so you may be better off moving and exploring other water. This has really whetted the appetite for some winter trotting and I hope to be out again soon.

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