Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

This Xmas holiday has got to be the wettest I can remember with barely a day passing before our already swollen rivers get topped up. The fields are also saturated but it was nice today to see some winter sun. We decided to take the dogs up to Etwall with the prospect of a quick outdoor pint at the Spread Eagle.

 It was a quick pint as well but well earned after one of the first fields we had to cross was a complete quagmire. The temperature was soon felt as well after stopping, it is only 1st January. The dogs really enjoyed their run but I'm afraid it was bath time when we returned. Freddy the younger spaniel is already showing his instincts diving into the undergrowth to see what he can flush out. Barney, the blue roan, is far more stately now at only two and half years and is quite happy just to amble up to the pub with the prospect of a treat.


  1. Happy new year 2013 from Spain.

  2. Happy new year Dave; all the best for 2013.
    Up the Rams!