Thursday, 28 May 2015


Over the weekend we were stopping on Star bank nr Alton so I had a little sortie down to Ellastone for a couple of hours on Sunday morning. My first vist of the year and it is always nice to be back on one of my favourite spots.
Fishing was quite productive with I guess eight or so coming to hand, the water was at a reasonable level and still had a bit of colour in it after the recent rains. All my fish came to a small GRHE nymph, with not a rise to a dry fly. The fish above are now not unusual at Ellastone and there are plenty of theories as to where they come from. Escapes from trout farms or stocking by the Uttoxeter club but that is below Rocester.
Me?? Well I just think that although a good size the fish looked very lean, perhaps still recovering from spawning. But that couldn't be the case could it as it only happens on the Derbyshire Wye.......

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