Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back on the Fly

This season I have somewhat neglected my trout rod and have turned attention to catching some tench and barbel. I have felt drawn of late back to the fly and having booked myself onto the Haddon water of the Derbyshire Wye with some other Gentlemen Piscators for a jolly boys outing thought I had best get some practice. I had blanked spectacularly in an hour and a half on Monday morning and had a similar time window last night. Again I chose Ellastone as the venue.
Arriving about 7pm I noticed a few rises but it was not exactly alive. In the end I managed to extract 3 brownies which under the conditions I thought was a good result. The rises died at about 8.15 and I finally gave up at half past. This fish put up a great struggle and I would welcome any comments from more experienced anglers as to whether they thought this was a wild fish. All three came to drys but this one was on an emerger, a fly that I won't be able to use on the Wye. It barely sipped it off the surface and as is often the case the most benign take yielded the best fish.


  1. Dave, that's a lovely fish. I've no idea if it's wild or not, but I was a bit taken aback by the fight that one of them put up last Tuesday afternoon. Firstly out of the water, followed by lots of head shaking, and then diving for the deck. I was using my 7' #4, so it made for a wild ride. Brilliant.
    I've got another T&S to send on to you, with some nice patterns on it.

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  3. Andy, I look forward to the T&S, any chance you can slip a Rustler or Knave into the envelope as the evenigs are now drawing in for angling.
    Thanks, Dave

  4. Rustler, Knave? I'm not familiar with those publications......