Monday, 30 August 2010


My pal Martin and I had been commissioned by the Parish Council to investigate the fishing at a gravel pit at Barrow-upon-Trent. We were looking forward to the prospect of fishing this virgin water particularly after seeing a shoal of large bream going through their spawning rituals earlier in the year. Plans were made on Friday evening after taking refreshments and an 0830 start was in order.
We should have stopped in bed though as no recce since May meant we were greeted by pond weed stretching out about 15 yards from the bank pretty much round the perimeter. We eventually found a gap where our lads could get a line in but it was to no avail. I tried putting out a feeder about 30 yards but it just bounced off the weed. One to cross off the list but may fish well earlier in the year if the Parish Council decide to issue day tickets.
That was Sunday morning and today I went off to the River Dove at Ellastone for a quich sortie. Didn't stop long though as it is still low and the bright conditions meant no sign of trout or grayling in an hour and a half. After a summer spent after tench and barbel it has whetted the appetite to get the fly rod going again.


  1. I told my dad about Ellastone and he went up at some point on Monday - fished it until about half seven in the evening. He had a little bit more luck than you by the sounds of it with a few grayling on nymph and parachute flies but I think he's waiting til the water levels rise. He mentionned that the stretch might be too small for the two of us to both fly fish it simultaniously but he did say something about being able to course fish it a little further down? Do you know if it's any good for course fishing or not?

    Cheers, Patrick

  2. Patrick, if you sre referring to the Eaton Dovedale stretch then it is mostly trout and grayling. I would suggest fishing it with the fly until trout season closes and then have some fun with grayling on light trotting gear.
    Regards, Dave.