Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back to the Dove

Today was the last day of an extended Christmas break for me and I had planned on getting over the Ellastone again for a couple of hours this afternoon. The level had dropped since my last visit on New Years Eve and this morning the EA site gave a reading of 0.31m. It was perfectly fishable at this height particularly as it was fining down as you can see from the above picture.
I thought I was in for a corking session when on only my second cast the line darted forward and after a brief struggle the lady below was soon in the net. This fish took one of my hares ear shrimps with an orange hotspot. However, this turned out to be the only success of the session the angling being particularly tough. As ever it was only a brief visit as the water chilled me to the bone, I was fishing less than two hours.
Another angler soon arrived on the Norbury bank and went up to fish up above the fast section. He had some limited success and mentioned the dreaded comorant having shooed some off earlier in the day. Apparently they have been making a beeline for the rivers whilst the stillwaters are frozen over. Not good news.


  1. Nice one Dave.......its a bout time we got the kellys out and had a trip down to Elly or Eaton Dovedale.....


  2. That sounds a grand idea Mr Wood. I'm about to enter an intensive decorating period which I normally try and confine to the months of Jan or Feb. As and when I'm off next I'll drop you a line. Looking forward to a Kelly brew, natter and perhaps a pork pie or a cake. Will we have to fish as well :) ??

  3. Regards from the anglers of Borneo.
    Happy new year of more fish to come!