Monday, 31 January 2011

Lower Ellastone

Having not fished for a few weeks I was looking forward to a session on the River Dove hopefully tempting a few fish to my Czech nymphs. The water looked in great condition but I knew how cold it would be and I do well to last a couple of hours in these conditions. The river really was at a great level for this time of year and I was soon into my favourite winter run just below the fast water. Alas it was not to be yesterday and I did not trouble the scorers. A few other anglers were out and had also found conditions tough, there was a lot of talk about the fish being hammered by comorants whilst the still waters have been frozen. I got cold enough to put me off for another few weeks although Andy at work today gave me a huge batch of T&S and FF&FT magazines so it won't be long before I'm well and truly 'hooked' again.

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