Sunday, 13 February 2011

Smashed Up

This morning I set out for a couple of hours on the River Dove at Scropton. I was hoping for a winter barbel as the weather was quite mild and there was some fresh water in the river. I was quite surprised how high the river was though, it is currently reading 0.78m at Marston on the EA website.
There was no-one else I saw on the DRAC stretch and so I was soon in my favourite swim, the water here was about 18" than the summer level. My set up was feeder fished pellets and first cast there was a good bite but only quite a large scale on the hook to show for it.
After an hour or so I caught the chub below, it was 4lb dead which seems to be the standard size for this swim unless I keep catching the same one. Then disaster struck. A strong bite met with solid resistance and the fish made for the nearside snag that you can see just downstream in the above picture. I held on as hard as I dared and recovered some line but it all then went solid. I eased off a bit and felt the fish still on so put the pressure on and snap went my rod. Things all then got a bit messy and needless to say I lost the fish. It was either a very good chub, well known of course for their ability to get in a snag, or a barbel.
The rod was my Daiwa Specialist Avon which has left me gutted. It was a great rod to use and the first time I had ever broken a rod whilst fishing. My fault I guess I must have been too heavy on it whilst the fish was in the snag.
Anyone having a good barbel rod surplus to requirements at competitive rates then please let me know. Now, where is my Ebay link........


  1. One of those days today. I punctured my waders with a hook this afternoon. You've got to keep smiling. Nice Chub.

  2. Commiserations all round, there is nowt worse than losing a good fish, never even seeing what it was and then to get a broken rod into the bargain...

    Regular Rod

  3. Thats a real shame Squire, no wonder you've been left gutted. Don't let it take the shine off that chub though. Keep going after those barbel - I'd love to read a blog of yours after you catch one.

    Cheers, Patrick

  4. Ouch! Seems a funny place for the rod to go unless it's a particularly through action. I think the river levels on the EA website are confusing as well. At the moment I'm finding it best to use Rivercall for a spot reading and use the graphs to see what the trend in the river level is ;-)

  5. Thanks for the comments guys.
    I'm never quite sure whether it is better to have glimpsed the one that got away or just be left with broken dreams of a monster.
    The rod was a 1.25TC Avon and always seemed to be fairly through actioned as the name implied. On this occasion I was just far too heavy handed methinks and can only blame myself as I was above the ideal line rating.
    Regards, Dave.

  6. Hi D
    Been trying the same with Erewash Barbel but keep hitting big chub, shouldn't complain really and its awsome to be trotting after a couple of seasons off. Me thinks you need to put a few appearances in to get a result.


  7. Mick, I agree that the quest for a barbel is a bit of a numbers game in terms of getting the hours in. I'm thinking of giving the lower Derwent a go next season as there seems to be better numbers coming out of there.
    Regards, Dave.