Sunday, 15 May 2011

Back to Ellastone

My spring tench campaign had somewhat faltered this year so after GP reported mayfly appearing at Ellastone it was time to pick up the fly rod. I had a few hours this afternoon so headed off with hopes of some good sport. There were no other anglers on the beat and I soon noticed the odd may coming off and a very infrequent rise. The fish have not really turned onto them yet to herald the start of Duffers Fortnight. Some larger dun patterns were tried and got the odd slash from the fish but they were not really taking the drake. I also observed plenty of yellow may duns amongst the green drake.
Well I then fannied about for a while fishing nymphs and also had a go on the duo, a technique which I have become crap at as I use it so infrequently. Eventually the penny dropped that the rising fish were not on the drake but taking large dark olives. I quickly matched the hatch and began catching at last, the trout now taking my olive pattern with gusto. In a little under an hour I took four fish of which the one below was the best. Another of a similar stamp was lost. As the clock ticked towards 7pm the activity stopped and consequently I called it a day. A good return to Elly for me and still the cream of the mayfly fishing ahead.


  1. Thats a good result there, Squire. Are you tying your own dry patterns? Also, sorry I never got round to calling up about tips on tenching - I'm yet to find the time to try Findern

  2. Patrick, yes I try and do all my own patterns now, it is a really good buzz catching on your own flys.
    Don't call me about tenching at Findern; I've had a crap spring, 2 fish from 6 trips and they were both in the first hour of my first visit. I will be back to crack it though.
    Regards, Dave.