Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Darley nearly mayfly

This year I am wondering if the mayfly will pass me by. Looking at the reports on the forums and knowing its track record I thought the Derwent at Darley Dale was an absolute banker for some drake action. Time was at a premium however and leaving home at 1130 the drive was almost a full hour to cover the 28 miles. For the last two seasons I have enjoyed some great sport on this stretch so I cannot complain really, however it was a bit disappointing that there was know real hatch through the afternoon. When I finished at about 1545 there was the odd mayfly appearing and hopefully any other anglers will have enjoyed a good evening sport. Fish were hard to come by and my favourite stretch at the back of Oker yielded none which was a bit of a slap to start with.
I eventually found some feeding fish but could not get a take from them. They were either taking something just below or very small off the surface. As the fly that I was later successful with was an emerger then I suspect that it was the former. After going through my box at these fish the one fly I overlooked was the Petit Merde that Brian gave to me on the Wye last summer, these must have been worth a try. The more frustrated I became the worst my presentation so I ended up leaving them. At Darley there are some very slow stretches that are hard to get down to and put out a line, sometimes perseverence in these spots pays dividends as I think the fish are very rarely cast at as it is so awkward.
Eventually I managed to take a few fish on a PT emerger. This fly is tyed on a Partridge Klinkhammer hook size 18 and uses PT body and tails & CDC loop wing. Quite simple and effective today too. No real lunkers today but as ever the Derwent trout are very pretty. If all goes to plan I'll have another go at them next week. These have been the hot weeks on this stretch for the last couple of seasons, perhaps the cold night and also the cool wind have not helped today.

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  1. Very goog trout