Thursday, 30 June 2011

My First Double

Last night I headed off to the River Dove in search of a barbel and was amazed to find I had the popular stretch at Scropton to myself. So straight to my favourite swim and just to confirm what I knew already the river was the lowest I've ever seen on this stretch. My rod was in for about 1900 and I sat back to enjoy the evening. Another first for me last night was a Kingfisher perched on my rod, probably all of 3 seconds but I felt very privilleged. After about 30 minutes a few taps started on the rod end and then it went round, this was a chub though still that was the blank saved early doors!
It then went very quiet for a while and not until after 2200 did things start to develop. The rod whacked round and I knew this was no chub. After holding the fish for a while I began to move it upstream but it was strong and made a good run for a known snag on the nearside bank. I felt the line scrape against a branch and to get more leverage it was into the river with my net and start to bully it away. Luckily everything held and once in the open the fish had the drag spinning as it made for midstream. Pressure eventually told and it turned back towards the bank but was then into some weeds. Here strong tackle really counts and I was able to get it's head up and into the net. I rested it here for a couple of minutes and then up onto the bank for a quick photo and weighing. At 10lb dead this was my first double and I was over the moon with it. The fish was in fantastic condition and I made sure it recovered properly in a shallower area one peg down, it was great to see it swim away strongly.
That was it for me as it was now getting pretty dark so I packed up and slowly made my way back to the car very pleased with my angling.


  1. Excellent Dave. 2 PBs in short order. Well done, I'm still after the elusive double (9:12 to beat)
    Cheers, Rob Goodwin

  2. Excellent! How do you fish for barbel these days? What sort of bait? What sort of terminal tackle? I ask because I am so out of touch with modern coarse fishing and would like to do a little of it this season.

    Regular Rod

  3. Many thanks Rob.

    RR, I have completely prostituted myself this season so my 'glass Avonmaster and Mitchell 410 are confined to the garage. Terminal tackle for me is very simple. A cage feeder stopped by a bead and a swivel. Below the swivel I have about 3' of hooklength, Drennan sinkbraid 10lb bs. Business end is another Drennan product which I know you like a size 6 barbless Super Specialist hook. Recently I have been fishing halibut pellets on a hair rig. I bet Jan can advise on barbel rigs as I believe he likes the odd session on the lower Dove and being a young person will be far more knowedgable than I!!