Saturday, 31 December 2011

Some new lures

There has not been much chance of getting out on the River Dove over the last few days due to the extra water but this morning I was perked up by the arrival of some new lures. They were shad patterns by Big Hammer supplied by AGM tackle. So to keep up my spirits I sneaked an hour on the canal this afternoon and the Silver Phantom (!) above accounted for a nice perch of about a 1lb. I had cut it down to 2.5" and mounted as shown on the website. Unfotunately I had left my camera at home so no picture. I only ordered the stuff a couple of days back so thumbs up to AGM for prompt delivery.
Happy New Year all!!


  1. Been poaching PoD again? Lol! Big Hammers, you can't beat 'em. Every time I go on AGM's website I come away with something!

  2. Glad you put the new lures to good use Dave. I fancy trying the crayfish that AGM sell; I suspect they might work well for the stripeys too!

    Cheers, Rob Goodwin

  3. The worlds gone canal perch mad o) lure websites are fatal, should be banned!

  4. Thanks for the comments gents.

    Ian, that is an outrageous suggestion I am a gentleman piscator ;)

    Rob, those rubber crays might go well at Eaton Dovedale.

    Rob T, with the state of the rivers round here at the mo it is a great alternative.