Sunday, 4 December 2011

Trent & Mersey Canal

I must be getting good at this decorating lark as the job I'd pencilled in for the whole weekend was finished by noon on Sunday! So a rare window of opportunity had me scrabbling round the garage getting some tackle together. I fancied somewhere close and keeping on the move so the canal it was to be with some spinners. I say some but I actually mean the only two I possess at the moment which are both ancient ABU lured. The outfit was quite novel as I realised most of my coarse rods are still in Dad's garage so I coupled a fixed spool reel with a 8 foot #4/5 fly rod.
Not many cars at Willington car park when I arrived and I thought I would walk up to Findern Pond then work my way back down. At the pond I only had a dozen casts and 80% of then came back weeded up so I adjourned to the canal. The weather had taken a turn for the worst a wintry squall starting to seep down the back of my neck, brrrr! There were only a few dog walkers out and it was really getting unpleasant when a perch grabbed my lure. Not a monster, probably a pound or so but very welcome. The lure was an ABU Sonnette one of those I remember looking longingly at in the old Tight Lines catalogue. It has been swapped from box to box over the years as I don't spin much but turned up trumps today.


  1. Well conditioned perch there Dave and lovely colours. Get some little rubber jigs from AGM Discount tackle and get back for a few more.

    Cheer, Rob Goodwin

  2. well done mate any fish is welcome in this weather

  3. Oh by the way could you link my blog to yours? I have included you on mine btw, cheers mate.

  4. Hey Dave, I have moved my "QuestForBarbel" site to: so please continue to follow me and please update your links to my new site. I have already added you to my new site. Thanks mate.