Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snow in Egginton

It was -7deg.C when I took Barney out this morning and a lovely crisp sunny morning. Then back home for tea and toast which was spot on. The day was spent painting the bathroom and the snow arrived about 1400ish.
An hour later it was out again with Barnold this time with his coat on.
This weather is great unless you have to travel or work and unfortunately my wife is doing both tonight.
Not much activity on the airfield this afternoon.

Back to painting another coat in the morning, quite glad I've not been kidding myself that fishing is on!


  1. You had me going then Dave for a minute when I saw the title. I thought "My goodness he can't have been out for them carp on a day like today?" I stopped feeling guilty when I realised it had been a walk with Barnold, after all I'd done the same thing today with Henry!

    This cold snap will end soon enough...

    Regular Rod

    1. Richard, don't think there will be any fishing today, not that the river won't be in condition more the travelling to and from.

  2. Well I certainly agree that it's not time for fly fishing in a weather like that. Here in Sweden we had like -25 C last night. So today I haven't even been outside. Just some armchair fishing indoors with my slippers on longing for the spring.

    Have fun challenging the weather,

  3. Nice piccy's. Well I braved yesterday for a spot of Grayling hunting on the Derwent. Beautiful weather and pretty in the snow but bloody cold. See my blog for more shortly.