Sunday, 12 February 2012

Eaton Dovedale

Last night we had been in Repton for a curry at Jaipur with an old rugby pal and his wife so this morning found me a little jaded. What better way to freshen up than a couple of hours standing in the River Dove. I had some maggots but wanted to fish on the fly rod with some nymphs if conditions allowed. I had done some trotting a couple of weeks back and found I was getting a few too many trout so was pleased to see the river running at a good height.
I thought I was in for a bumper day when after only ten minutes the grayling above attached itself to a pink shrimp pattern and really put up a great account of itself. What a shame I could not do it justice with the photo!

I really enjoy the short line method with bugs and have made up some good indicators using fluro orange braid with a loop fashioned at each end. Before fishing I had greased it well with Mucilin and it showed my one take quite nicely. I explored quite a few swims today keeping on the move but just ended with the one fish. This is a method which to be honest I should be practising more it is a great way to take fish right under the rod tip.

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