Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sam's new rifle

Well I've not posted for a good while now and to be truthful have hardly got any fishing in and if so it hasn't been worth blogging about. Over the winter I've managed to drag Sam away from his XBox long enough to do some shooting with air rifles. We have been indoors over the dark nights and he has been using a pre-charged club rifle, an Air Aims S400. These are tremendously accurate and he was spoilt a bit by this first experience. Come the spring we have been going to Derbyshire Air Rifle Club at Yeaveley and here Sam has been borrowing Dave's Webley Longbow, a classic springer. I'm a big fan of springers myself and Sam had also tried a BSA Lighting XL which he got on with OK. So we took the plunge a couple of weeks back and got him a Lightning XL tactical which has quite a tasty looking composite stock. The rifle will only be used for target shooting and plinking so we chose .177. He is getting on with it fine now, the hardest bit for him was getting a good technique to cock it. This morning we went to Rough Wedge nr Cannock and had an enjoyable couple of hours plinking away and testing ourselves on the course. I took my HW97 and soon got chatting with the other folks there who were very friendly. We will have a few visits here in the future and also to Yeaveley which is another friendly club with great facilities.

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