Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Classic Tench on the float

My first tench of 2013
 Word has been getting about that a local club pond well known for it's tench fishing has been showing a bit of form. I'd not yet had a session after the tinca this year so decided to have a couple of hours after work.
On arrival I found Steve already established and the tench were showing some interest. At this pond the tench are not of specimen size but they are a good stamp and provide excellent sport for the float fisher.

The tranquil pond
 I tackled up with 6lb line straight through as this pond is so snaggy that you really have to hold on to a hooked fish. A couple of rod lengths out is all that is required and this is one of those waters where they are either havin' it or it is a blank.

Steve nets another in the legendary gorse bush peg
 I was really pleased to take a brace on my first outing and this may have re-kindled my love for this classic tench water.

Typical stamp - not massive but go like stink

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