Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Intrepid Gearfly

I'm a sucker for buying tackle I don't need from Ebay, particularly if it is from the era when I had my nose against tackle shop windows at every opportunity. This Gearfly was too much to resist, the name Intrepid (anyone remember the Black Prince) and the words 'Made in England' had me putting in a bid. It is a kingsize model so completely useless for most of the fishing I do these days. I had intended to load up my WF8F line onto it and use it for the odd day I have each year on stillwater. Unfortunately the drag mechanism has been broken and removed although the pawls are still there. I will see if it can be fixed hopefully by bastardising an old Rimfly that I'm sure is in my Dad's garage somewhere.

My best purchase from Ebay was an ABU Ambassadeur 7000. A classic beachcasting multiplier really comes in handy when you live in Derby. I also have a Peter Wheat Avonmaster 11' fibreglass rod that I intend using for some tench in the summer. The one thing that will make me go all silly when I manage to get hold of one is a Terry Eustace glass rod, they were the thing of dreams in the late 70's.

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