Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sutton Brook; is it broke?

My nearest water on the trout bit of the Derby Railway ticket is Sutton Brook. It has so much potential but unfortunately not many trout. In fact I didn't catch one last season. In 2008 I probably has half a dozen in 3 to 4 trips. It is that sort of water where you can be very pleased to finish with a brace. I had last fished it with a trotting set up in October on a foul morning when I managed a nice perch and a chub (note no trout or grayling). I decided to give it a bash for an hour this morning and again set up with my Alpha float rod and dad's Mordex Major 'pin.
I fished the slower runs towards the bottom end of the water and returned a big fat zero having started out with great confidence. Now I will definitely think twice before giving it another go after my experiences of the last 12 months.
The club were going to have the EA have a look at the brook and I think it is long overdue. I'll pop a post on the DRAC forum and hopefully Phil Harrison will see it and offer an update. Warren Slaney has posted on flyforums along the lines of 'why try and make Sutton Brook something it isn't'. He may be right. Blount Flyfishers have some water upstream and I think stock it as there are far more fish come out than on the DRAC stretch, however is this sustainable and is the environment right for trout to thrive. Pickled Carp has fished this section and there are some good pictures on his blog. Today I would have been happy with a perch or chub but it was not to be.


  1. Love the Blog Dave, about time to!! looks classy with the black background..
    Is the pic on the header of the perch one of yours? i like it...
    Oh and welcome to the adictive world of blogging.....

  2. Dave

    Love the blog. Welcome to the world of blogging! It's great that you have beaten me and Glen to posting about all sorts of are keeping it absolutley real...good on you...


  3. Thanks guys for the king comments.
    Glrn, yes the perch is one I had from Sutton Brook last autumn.
    Dave, I'll try and keep it real, perhaps I'll get some brownies on a plate with some chips. Whoops, tin hat now on.

  4. Ahoy there Mr Cross.
    Being brought up in Etwall in the 70's, I used spend a fair bit of time on the brook with my 5' shakespeare rod, and remember it as a cracking little course stream, with some good sized fish in it. However the only trout I remember were those that were stocked; I think it was Blue Cirlce at the time. Unfortunately I think we might be expecting it to be something it isn't.

  5. Never mind the trout!! have you seen the chub in there!!!!
    I had a trout from there last year on the Fenton licence by the bridge..a very small wild one but they must be there..
    Dave have you ever fished it when its up slightly with colour? them size brooks fish very well then...

  6. Gorgeous looking blog & already heartily recommended by Glen Pointon - I'm afraid it's all downhill from here then Squire ;0)

    Looking forward to keeping track of your exploits from now on.

  7. Hi dave, browsing around and stumbled across your blog site? I feel duty bound to enlighten/update you and some of your fellow bloggers on your comments regarding Sutton brook .I have fished almost its entire length at some point or other over the past 50 years and been chairman of Blount flyfishers for the last 24. We now control the fishing rights on around 3 miles of the brook from just below Sutton village road bridge almost continuosly as far as Longford. The fishery is run solely as flyfishing for trout and grayling and has survived {not without crisis} for at least 35 years Fortunately for us our fishery creates the perfect habitat for trout and the food they eat and contains a heathy population of indiginous breeding stock,which is supplemented annualy with brown trout of takeable size ,anyone intrested in joining our small friendly syndicate should contact me without delay on 01159 328669 Nick Bulmer chairman Blout flyfishers or visit our germinating website at P S, Dave the reels a grice and young not a mordex.