Monday, 22 February 2010

The River Ecclesbourne

Here are some photos taken on the River Ecclesbourne on Saturday. This is the DRAC stretch at Hazlewood not far from the 'Puss in Boots'. The Ecclesbourne flows into the Derwent at Eyes Meadows, Duffield and supports a small head of wild trout. The Derwent also supports a large grayling population but they cannot get up the Ecclesbourne due to a weir at Duffield.

This is one of the stretches that I always think I should spend more time fishing. Believe me though it looks very different in the summer when the bankside vegetation is 'full on'. Then it is real Rambo style fishing and you can quickly forget that you are only one meadow from the main Duffield-Wirksworth Road. The stretch is badly affected by the dreaded Himalayan Balsam and we can all do our bit by pulling some out whenever we are out enjoying the glorious Derbyshire countryside.

I would use my 7'6" #3 weight here but that is the longest rod you would get away with. A rod at least a foot shorter would be much easier to handle as you are casting under the canopy in the summer. Terrestial patterns work quite well and I have found a black klinkhammer is as good as any. Should you be lucky enough to catch one the trout are maked delightfully. Tim (Derbytrout on flyforums) has told me of a good fish under one of the tricker features on the beat but I have not managed to tempt him yet, perhaps this season will be the one.
DRAC are planning to do some work in conjunction with the EA on coppicing and improving erosion near the railway now operated by Wyvern Rail. I think that is the company who have been restoring the Duffield to Wirksworth line.


  1. Ahoy there Mr Cross I'd not seen the Ecclesborne without the balsam, and your snaps just go to show it's a smashing little stream that we're not able to make the most of. I had a couple of trips there in the summer and it was impassable in places. Hopefully working with the EA can improve the situation.

    Your ABU multiplier story took me back to the days when the ABU catalogue was a treasured possesion, along with some well thumbed copies of Men Only. Both of them selling unatainable dreams. The main object of desire from ABU being one of the closed face reels. A marvellous black and silver job. Happy days.

  2. Andy, if you can stand the temptation I'll post some pics of a mint ABU 501 I have in the garage.

  3. Send 'em over. If Mrs W finds them, I'll say one of the older boys at work made me have them.

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