Sunday, 18 April 2010


This morning I headed off early to Ellastone to try and tempt my first river trout of the season. I started off fishing nymphs up through the faster section. The water level was pretty low and quite clear. The sun was soon up and it was quite a bright morning, perhaps a tad too much. At about 0900 a spectacular hatch commenced of a sedge type fly that I think was the Grannom. Unfortunately not spectacular enough to persuade the Ellastone trout to start looking upwards, surprising from the point of view of so many flys emerging. I scooped one nymph up as it floated by and the fly duly emerged on my fingers. I eventually caught a small brown and a grayling, plus a hook up on what I suspect was a larger lady (steady on) from the jag jag of the fight and the way it kept low in the water. That one was not to be though. I was on my way home by 1130 and hopefully conditions would have picked up in the afternoon for any other anglers venturing out.


  1. Love the blog mate, keep up the good work, Elly seems to be very slow ust like everywhere else, last year we were banging them out on the dry at this time, hope it picks up soon, we have mayfly around the corner, or is it going to be Jun fly!!
    Be careful reporting hooking a Grayling, u will get shot like me, have a look at the comments on my recent blog!!! a full thread starting... Hope ur well mate and we will soon have the Woody Squire Glen elly kettle session...
    Nice one

  2. Glen, just read the comments on your blog, what have you done??
    For me JT sums it up nicely in three letters:
    Nice one,