Tuesday, 6 April 2010

No Luck on Rivers

This morning I set out hoping for my first brown trout of the season but it was not to be. First destination was the River Ecclesbourne and when I arrived I felt quite optimistic, the river was running fairly clear perhaps carrying some extra water. I was mightily impressed by the amount of copicing work completed by the EA, they have made a real effort here and several pools are now a lot more fishable. Fishable that is but not by muppets and after an hour I had seen no fish and lost three flies! My confidence shot to bits I then decided to up sticks to Ellastone.
The River Dove was just about fishable at the top end of water and colour but the faster section at Ellastone quite often fishes better in these conditions. Not today though and I tried various nymps and also a duo rig with nothing to show for my efforts. If there is no more rain then I expect that conditons will have considerably improved in a couple of days.


  1. I had a look at the Derwent at Darley Bridge yesterday aftre a trot round Satnton Moor. It was slightly high but running clear. I may give it a go tomorrow or Friday assuming conditions don't deterioate. Look out for me in the river gardens.

  2. Fatjack, get on that Derwent it should be in good nick now. Remember to let us know how you got on.