Friday, 16 April 2010

Out of the Blue

This Easter we spent a few days in France generally relaxing whilst not eating or drinking. It was a good opportunity to catch up on some reading and I whiled away an evening on 'Out of the Blue' by Chris Yates accompanied by a flask of Isle of Jura single malt. This book is an entertaining read of Yates recent experiences with the sea mostly lure fishing for Bass. I really enjoyed it and it remined me a great childhood holidays mosting spent fishing off the rocks in such fantastic spots as Aberporth, Rock, and Porthcurno.

Yates has clearly caught the sea fihing bug but in his usual attractive 'Passion for Angling' style. I would recommend that you give this book a read if you get the chance. At £14.99 it is a little steep though as it was just an evenings read. I managed to borrow this copy from my local library.

It all sounds great fun and I'll have to see what tackle I can smuggle to Spain later in the year. Derby is not exactly the epicentre of sea angling opportunities.

Yates talks of fishing with the older Abu Cardinals, I presume such models as the 40, 44, 66, etc. Could anyone advise whether these are saltwater proof I seem to recollect reading somewhere that they are. Clearly still need a good rinse in clean water after use though. That reminds me how I ruined my Mitchell 300.........

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  1. Might do a bit of sea fishing myself this year.Will be sure to read this book soon too.Yates is still the best.