Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Busy Evening at Scropton

Unfortunately it was busy in terms of the number of anglers out and not from what I saw the number of barbel caught. I have not seen too many others on this stretch but there were plenty on last night. Of the five others guys I spoke to only one had caught a billy and he was fishing in the swim that I usually make for which I think is one if not the banker on this stretch.
I dropped in a bit further downstream just next the chap from Buxton who has given me some good advice but whose name I keep missing.
This was on quite a slow stretch with a run of steel reinforcements on the opposite bank. The river is not too wide here and I tackled it with my normal feeder set up and pellets. I caught two chub and the barbel above before packing up just after 2200. I did not weigh him but he would have been lucky to get to half the size of the one I caught a couple of weeks back, nevertheless a superb fin perfect fish though.
Plenty of talk on the way back to the car on it being pretty hard at the moment and not nuch coming out of Tutbury either. I think the rivers need a good flush through, the recent rain has given them some well needed colour but they could do with a load more.

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