Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Swinging Brace

Yesterday I had the day off work and we had a good tour of South Derbyshire having a Kelly brew at Calke with a nice cake and then an impromptu barby for tea at Elvaston Castle. Arriving home at just after 1800 I secured a pass out and headed off for Triangle. I have been concious that I caught no tench on my last trip and only one on the visit before. Finding my favourite float fishing swim occupied by two carp anglers I dropped in next peg up and float fished for an hour or so without any offers. Then I upped sticks and made for another swim where I had previously hooked and lost a good fish on the feeder. This was again the method I chose using that most traditional of indicators the swingtip.
As darkness fell the tip began to register some interest. I think the combination of clear water and fishing pressure has made the fish a lot shyer than they were in May. At 2130 the tip shot up and I felt solid resistance and after several spirited runs the fish above came to the net. Recasting back to the same spot near some overhanging trees yielded another fish ten minutes later. This fish was smaller but put up a great account of itself, I was convinced this may be the 6lb'er I have been after from Triangle until I saw it in the net. Unfortunately seeing was now becoming a bit of a problem as I had yet again forgot my torch and start to whittle about un-hooking the fish safely so called it a day.
What a day it was as well, out in the South Derbyshire countryside during the day with my family, a few nuked snorkers and burgers washed down with a can of Bass for tea, and a brace of Tench on the swingtip to cap it off. They don't get much better than that.


  1. A fine day indeed mate..You have sowed a seed in my brain now.I will be rummaging through my various tackle bags and boxes, searching for my old swingtips.Nice fish fella...regards Gurn

  2. Gurn, I think I read in a book called 'Big Tench' (by Len Arbery??) that more tench had been caught on swingtip than any other method. Not quite sure if it is pukka with the amount caught on electronic thingies and the float but thought I would give it a go. That swingtip must have been at the bottom of my basket for the thick end of three decades and has probably only been used a couple of times. Can you still buy them??
    Regards, Dave.

  3. A few companies still have some, but it sadly seems to be all about the "Quiver" these days.I also still have one of those swing arm butt indicators knocking about somewhere...I must get my kit in order some day.