Thursday, 1 July 2010

Leuciscus Cephalus

It is many years now since I have been drawn to rivers for some coarse fishing and in some respects my interest in the many different types of angling does tend to wax and wane. This season I have felt an urge to get out and try some of our local rivers and after a quick recce I was out on the River Dove at Scropton yesterday evening. I was of course hoping for something with whiskers and torpedo shaped but ended up being pleasantly surprised by a brace of stonking chub. This fish kept me almost exclusively occupied during my school years with regular trips to the River Derwent at Borrowash. Fishing is still available here on the Earl of Harrington ticket but the extent has been cut back considerably since the late 197o's.
The chub is renowned as a willing feeder and I was glad of this last night. Second cast and my rod went straight over and a fish of 4lb 2oz was soon gracing my net.
The Scropton stretch is another great looking DRAC water and this was the first time I had fished it. I was trying out my latest Ebay purchase; an 11' Daiwa Specialist Avon rod. It says 'Made in Gt Britain' just above the handle which I like. It also handled like a dream and I am looking forward to testing it on something a little larger than these chub.
After quite a few knocks on the tip another good bite produced a real surprise. This was a great looking Brownie of about 1.5lbs. It was a bit overwhelmed though by an avon rod and 8lb Maxima. This would have been a different prospect on fly tackle.
As the light fell I managed the second chub which was an identical weight to the first to make a nice matched pair. I will be back though soon hoping for a barbel.
I have not done much legering previously and I guess i learnt two things last night. First, ignore the taps and knocks and wait for the rod to go hard over. Second, despite my cynicism hair rigs actually work quite well!
No picture of the brownie I'm afraid. I didn't want to cause offence as the 'fly' was hair rigged special recipe meat.

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