Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cove's PTN

On Monday evening I again adjourned to Foremark for the last few hours. I really needed some time to wind down and so got out of the way round at Bramble and Sunblest area's. My successful fly was again the Cove PTN, what a cracking pattern it is. Retrieved very slowly, almost static, and the takes when they come almost rip the rod from your hands. Not quite as prolific as my last trip but still enough to keep interested. I never take a fish from the river but have no qualms about administering the last rights to a stillwater rainbow and the fish from Foremark do taste superb.
As I walked back to the car there was a rise starting in the sailing club bay but I had run out of time for a last cast. The latest report from the reservoir suggests the fish may be starting to move out so I'll have to think hard before having another session particularly as I've seen my first mayfly of the year tonight.

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