Tuesday, 29 May 2012

River Derwent

 My first trip to the river for some trouting was well overdue having been distracted so far this year by weather conditions, apathy, decorating and other piscatorial matters. Monday I was hoping that the fish may have switched onto mayfly and headed off to the Derwent at Darley Dale, arguably the jewel in the crown of the DRAC trout waters.

 The fishing I found was quite tough though and certainly not yet 'Duffers Fortnight'. My fish were taken on quite small patterns not the large budgies that I'd hoped to be throwing at the trout. JT style olives 16 and Griffiths Gnat 18 proved to be good patterns in the heat of the day.

 The river looked in great condition and running at a good level. Fish were rising through the afternoon and it was best to target these and 'fish where the fish are'.

 Hopefully next week I will be out again and catch some of the more frantic mayfly sport.

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  1. Is that BT you are holding from the Derwent at DD? Great fish.