Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stillwater Trout

As I didn't want to gamble on the DRAC stretch of the Dove being in nick I decided to have a couple of hours at Foremark this evening. I've always lived pretty local to this reservoir and it is now only ten minutes from Egginton. How things have changed there since I first fished it with Dad in the 70's, the latest improvement is closing before dusk can you believe! Yes, I had to vacate the premises by 2045 this evening. At one time Flamingo Bay would have been a knitting match until the anglers could just make their way back to the car park in the gloaming with talk of fish captured and chances missed.

 I made my way round to Bramble Bay and it wasn't long before I was reminded how hard Ifor's rainbows pull as the line fizzed through my fingers making my old Intrepid Dragonfly complain loudly. Traditional stillwater tactics did the damage, a Cove PTN drifted round on the breeze.

Fish also came to the nymph in Sunblest Bay where there was a great ripple with the odd fish moving. I had expected to see masses of the hawthorn fly but perhaps this would have been earlier in the day. The last take I had took me by surprise as I just checked my watch, the rod was almost pulled out of my hand! Great fishing, but it would have been good to fish until dusk as the hooter was sounded twice. All for my benefit as I walked back to the car I was the last man out. At least I got to walk the dog in the light.

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  1. Looks like Foremark was the smart choice. I opted for the Derwent yesterday and that was barely fishable. I think the Dove may well have been the same.