Thursday, 7 June 2012

Far from the crowds

 It really does not get much better than this! Yesterday three of us fished one of the less popular lengths of the Derbyshire Derwent at Darley Dale. With probably the thick end of a mile of fishing we barely saw another angler and boy what they were missing.

I formed the advance party and noticed fish moving from the off. My first couple came to a LDO imitation but then I needed to don my jacket in response to a sharp rain shower. This seemed to cause one of those subtle changes in conditions that anglers sense, before long a mayfly hatch was in full swing.
 For about 30 minutes the fish went completely loopy and I swear I would have got a rise to a pigeon! By the time I got the call to say Phil and Rob had arrived I had stopped fishing as it was just silly.

 Like all good things though conditions swiftly changed and it was like this for the rest of the afternoon with some lean spells and at times more productive.
 We had the stretch of river basically to ourselves and explored all the spots which get rarely fished. Phil got into many tight spots assisted by his quick switch to a southpaw cast, a skill to be practiced given the bank on which DRAC have the fishing rights.
Another one for Rob

Derwent Wildie
 The honours waxed and waned through the afternoon as each angler enjoyed his share of the sport. I needed a couple of welcome Kelly brews to refresh and fortify myself with a crafty pork pie.

 All in all a great afternoon in pleasant company and great surroundings, oh to be alive and in Derbyshire!

As the sun started to set we explored further upstream and managed to pick up a couple more fish before last knockings.
Mohican Mayfly
 The winter before last I had tied up several Mohican Mayflys, an Ollie Edwards pattern. It is quite intricate to tie and takes me a good 40 minutes but they are a killing pattern. They hardly made it onto the leader in 2011 but this year was one to remember, Rob and Phil also enjoying success with this pattern. My fly box was looking decidedly sparse by the end of the night. Well that may be it for the drake this year, I might get one more chance. However, after yesterday's success it won't be the end of the world if I just reflect on a great afternoon on the stream.

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  1. Good to see you all had a great trip Dave , some great scenery and very pretty fish aswell.