Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Swollen Dove hits top form

8lb 1oz same weight as last week!
 On Monday I managed a short session on the Dove before last knockings and it probably had nearly a foot of extra water than last week. Level for reference was 0.99m at Marston and dropping. I've not fished previously with the water as high so this was a new string to my barbel fishing bow.

Looking over to Tutbury Castle
 It wasn't long before the fish responded to the pint of hemp I'd bait-droppered in and after playing a fish across the current it dropped off under my feet, doh! As the water was quite coloured I never even saw it but like all Dove barbel it pulled like a train. A couple of pals were on another stretch and I got a text to say Rob had just landed a 10lb'er. My rod was soon round again and this one faught like a tiger. I've never really felt undergunned but my 1.5lb TC rod felt not quite the tool for job with this amount of water on. This fish had my drag spinning with several strong runs and I thought it was a good double. It just shows how good condition the fish are in as it weighed in at 8lb 1oz, identical to the one I had last week.

Sunset over the Dove
 No sooner had I returned it I heard that Rob had just gone a few onces better landing a 10lb 3oz, both fish on a quiver rod, 5lb line and lobworms, great angling!!
It was not the end for me either as later on I had a smaller unweighed fish and as the clock was heading towards 10pm decided to call it a day.
About 6-ish?

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