Monday, 4 June 2012

Mayfly - Diamond Stuff

 I'm just back from a short session on a local lowland stream and managed to find some fish on the drake. This brook is not known for having a large head of fish and upon arrival I was wondering whether to even thread the rod up. Plenty of mayfly but no rising fish is business as usual for this water, coupled with that the recent rain had run quite a bit of colour through the stream.

 Well I came up to a pool that I've had some limited success in and decided to give it a go. Soon I noticed the odd fish rising and took a fish on the nymph. Deciding to swich to a dun pattern it was straight into dry fly action as I took these two beauties amongst others.

 It was time to show some restraint in this pool so I moved on having thought I spotted another rising fish further upstream. How wrong I was for the second time this evening as it turned out to be a cow! (Don't ask).
There are few sections on this brook where I feel confident and having fished a couple of my favourite spots without seeing another rise I called it a day.

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