Sunday, 7 March 2010

Roll on Spring

In contrast to the list of impressive PB's on Glen's blog mine is dedicated to anyone else who is blanking their head off at the mo. I had a really tough morning at Ellastone again failing to trouble the scorers. I should have known better with the temperature at -3.4degC when I left Derby and bright sunlight.
After I had been fishing about half an hour I stopped to chat to a Norbury chap who then started fishing above the riffles at the top of the DRAC water. I didn't see him catch either. The temperature was still very cold and I only lasted just over a couple of hours before calling it a day. I also had an interesting debate with two other anglers who were just setting up to bait fish the lower section. Having established it was their first time at Ellastone I politely enquired whether they had trout membership. They didn't but were adamant that they could fish the stretch out of trout season on coarse membership. Having just read the DRAC handbook I think they were wrong.
Hopefully spring is just round the corner and the trout season too. I am looking forwards to the weather warming up, I'm not a great fan of winter angling, and I'd also quite like to replace the picture of the perch at the top of the page!


  1. It is a time of year when even the finest of anglers struggle,but spring will soon be upon us.I have to say though that the photo of the Perch is wonderful,don't replace it too soon.

  2. Ay up. The DRAC website clearly states that the Dove is open to Trout ticket holders only.
    You wouldn't get that sort of ungentlemanly behaviour at the Peacock.

  3. Gurn, thanks for the encouragement and the Perch will certainly still feature somewhere on my blog. You are clearly in the same place as me with that one and it just shows to show what is important in angling; a delightful fish that probably would be lucky to make it much past the 1lb mark. That would be very easily dismissed as trivia by others. Still don't suppose it would look much compared with a carp barrow.

    Andy, I think the website is perhaps adding to the confusion because the rule book says Eaton, Scropton, and Tutbury are definitely fishable on the coarse ticket. But not Ellastone though! Cheeky beggars.

  4. Dave
    just a quick message to say i have been given some very old tackle, and i mean old!! i think you would love to have a look through as i know your into your vintage stuff.. will meet up with you soon and see what you think....
    Nice one
    Ps keep the perch shot for a bit mate, its sweet!!

  5. Glen, look forward to seeing it. Is it real vintage or relatively young like me, ie 70s/80s?