Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Carp, Spam, & Floatfishing

I recently had the opportunity to catch the last hour of light on a small lake I had not fished before. A week or so earlier I had spoken to another angler on the bank who was very helpful and suggested that simple floatfishing using meat was sufficient to tempt some of these free biting fish. This was a great opportunity to try out the Peter Wheat Avonmaster rod that was another of my ebay purchases, together with my trusty Mitchell 410A reel.
These fish were not monsters but provided great sport and I missed as many bites on my simple set up. This comprised 6lb Maxima straight through to a Drennan Specialist size 8 barbless hook. A crystal waggler taking 2AAA locking the float completed the set up. I have always put my bait straight onto the hook but am now wondering whether this accounts for only about a 50% hook up rate. All that hair rig business though seems a bit vulgar.
The coarse fishing season on rivers has now closed and I am still agonising on whether I should voluntarily observe this on stillwaters. Being somewhat of a traditionalist I do feel a bit guilty but as any politician will tell you it is a wise man who in not bound by his principles.
I was disappointed to notice that one of the carp I caught had not been handled with the care it deserved and its mouth was distorted. This is unforgiveable in my book and that careless angler should be ashamed.
The Avonmaster was a joy to use and I will look forward to fishing with this rod again. It is in good condition but unfortunately the tip ring is non original; a previous owner has replaced it with one threaded for a swing tip.


  1. Very nice David,I do so love a Common Carp much more than the other variants and there's no denying that the put up a more valiant fight.As you know I am also a fan of the traditional styles of fishing,but see no reason to restrict ones angling solely to these methods.I dip in and out whenever the whim dictates.Embrace the hair and close season stillwater angling,I say.....but then,I may not have the moral scruples of some.haha

  2. Gurn, yes the Common Carp is a handsome fish and I was very pleased with those.

  3. PS I will try and embrace the hair, is it really as simple as a knotless knot and then something to stop my Spam falling off?

  4. Nice one Dave,

    Fish straight through....youth.


  5. Haha the hair really IS that simple.It always amazes me that many of the traditional anglers think nothing of fishing with a bunch of feathers and fur,lovingly tied with an exposed hook...but dismiss the hair as modern nonsense(not you,of course).I hope to hear of your experiments and captures...regards Gurn