Friday, 26 March 2010

The Mayfly

Earlier this year Brian lent me an Oliver Edwards DVD in which he did a comprehensive guide to tying his Mohican Mayfly. I found this pattern incredibly frustrating and long winded to tie but by persevereing managed a few half decent attempts. Today Mick Martin has put a pattern on his blog which he has christened the 'James May'. I like the look of Mick's flea and would urge readers to have a butchers at 'Derbyshire on the Fly'.
This fly will be discussed on Mick's blog come mayfly time as I'm sure it will be the downfall of many Derbyshire trout.
Hopefully my Mohicans will do similar and I'm looking forward to what can be the most magical time of year.

1 comment:

  1. Nice tying Dave, i will have to get my head down and do a few....the way the seasons going i think its going to be a June Fly!!
    Nice one