Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Derwent Doggers

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to be able to get up to the River Derwent at Darley Dale. After seeing the weather forecast last night I was none too optimistic of some dry fly fishing, particularly when it started to rain as I left Derby. The rain started to clear though as I neared Matlock Bath and I although I only had a few hours fishing it was good sport.
I took several fish on mayfly patterns and by the time I left the fish were really starting to come onto the drake. It does not seem to be quite Duffers Fortnight yet but we must be within days now. Next week I have Monday afternoon off and expect it to be in full swing by then. Fishing was spot on here in the first week of June last season and it may be a little late this year due to the harsh winter. The river looked in great condition with the water being crystal clear, it did drizzle on and off for most of the afternoon but nevertheless a great time to be out on the river. There was also quite a large sedge hatch and although I did rise a fish on the LTD I did not connect.

The fish in the picture above was rising under a tree on the far bank and I eventually tempted him after many attempts and then resting the swim. He was a true dogger and dived straight back for the roots but my tippet held; I knew to give line would end in tears. There he is lying with my rod on top of a weedbed. Once I got him back in the current he soon recovered and swam off strongly.

Today I saw three canoeists who have no right of access on this stretch. I put them all straight but from the look on their face's I might as well have shown my backside in the market place which would be great fun of course unless Glen was passing with his latest floatant.


  1. thanx Dave im fishing there tomorrow, hopefully you warmed things up a little for me. What was the level and clarity. like since the rain.


  2. Mick, it will be spot on tommorrow, level and clarity both fine. If anything there was less rain north of Matlock than we have had down here. A bit more water should only improve it.

  3. Lovely fish you've got there Mr Cross. I've just had a session at Eaton and they were sorely lacking on that stretch. I'll take a pot of vaseline next time to keep myself amused. Have a good one on Monday. I'll be winging my way to India again. Ring of fire here we come.