Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ellastone Gold

What a difference a month makes! It had been a while since my last trip to what is the spiritual home to a small band of DRAC anglers. My previous comments about the stretch not waking up for 2010 can now be truly put to rest.
I arrived about 7.30pm and quickly scampered up to the bridge for a butchers; rising fish! This was the first time I had seen a decent rise at Ellastone this year and perhaps this was due to it being my first evening session. Signs of activity straight from the off so it was on with the dry and after a couple of changes of pattern a CDC loop wing emerger proved successful.

As the evening progressed there was a huge hatch of olives, the fish were taking the emerging fly though there were little signs of duns on the surface. This is when Ellastone can drive you potty but my emerger did the trick. I had the beat to myself and was casting to rising fish all evening apart from a slack period just after 9pm.
It was then that I switched to a sherry spinner after taking four on the emerger. Presentation needs to be spot on with this fly and anything but a dead drift normally gets refused. I did eventually get one fish by this method that was rising just above the bridge. My couple of hours soon passed but was really pleased with the fishing it was best session at Ellastone for a while.

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